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A people-first approach to construction

We know communications infrastructure construction isn’t just about fiber and towers: it’s about collaboration and honesty. At Lightspeed, a Full Circle Fiber Partners company, we bring more than steel toes and hard hats to the job site – we bring teamwork and integrity, and we do everything with a mindset of safety. Just as a well-placed network connects a community, a well-organized team powers all projects to success.

Service excellence, pioneering experience, and a passion for what we do: that’s Lightspeed. Trust us to deliver extraordinary service safely, with integrity and tenacity.

Our Solutions


Whether you need network design and route planning, a feasibility analysis, field construction drawings, pole loading and analysis, make ready engineering, or permitting, we’ve got you covered with top notch engineering capabilities.


Any kind of aerial, underground or emergency response deployment is within your grasp. Whether you need fiber, coax or wireless, OSP or ISP, a new build or maintenance, you’re in expert hands.


Trust our skilled team with any kind of commercial or residential installation. We take pride in knowing that every drop and deployment is done right with proper support and training, no matter how big or small.


At Lightspeed, we believe that when we invest in extraordinary people, we produce extraordinary results. After all, people are the lifeblood of our organization – from our trusted and talented employees, to the clients we serve, to the many communities we impact.

Everyone has a voice. Every voice is valued.

This is why we apply a collaborative, people-centric approach to your project. Because when we listen, we learn. What we learn, we share. And when we share, the results are extraordinary.

Our Core Values

Service Excellence

Good enough won’t be good enough for your project. Expect extraordinary service and outcomes.


Count on us to take ownership of everything we say and do.


We prioritize and model safe practices throughout every corner of the organization.


All business dealings are rooted in transparency and honesty for your benefit.

Fairness and Mutual Respect

Your voice matters, no matter your role or background. We believe in treating everyone just as we would want to be treated.


At Lightspeed, we are always looking for passionate, hard-working employees that want to make a difference in their professional lives. If you want to work for a company that values your experience and your voice, and always treats you with respect and fairness, Lightspeed is for you. Join our team to see how a people-first approach translates to extraordinary success.

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